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Garganelli pasta

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Weight: 250 g

Garganelli is the most typical pasta shape of Romagna, an historical region that corresponds to the south-eastern portion of Emilia-Romagna. The story goes that in 1725 the cook of Cardinal Cornelio Bentivoglio d’Aragona, the Papal Legate of Romagna, ran out of filling for her cappelletti - the Romagna cousin of tortellini bolognesi. The broth was ready but, whether she was taken by surprise when a large number of extra guests arrived unexpectedly, or, according to another version of the story, a cat got at the tasty meat filling when she was not looking, the result was the same - more pasta than filling! Resourceful and clever, she made the best of the situation and worked with what she had. The cook gathered some twigs and borrowed a tool from the weaving room. She wrapped the dough around the twigs, rolled it over the weaver’s implement, and garganelli entered the pantheon of pasta. It seems that this exquisite egg pasta shape was originally served with broth but today is usually served with meat ragù or ham & peas.

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