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Pastiera Napoletana

CHF 13.90

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Weight: 400g

A fragrant ricotta pie, symbol of the city of Naples born out of springtime rituals. No Neapolitan home would be complete on Easter day without pastiera on the table!

This ancient dessert even has its own mythology. The legend says that the siren Partenope would come out from the water of the Gulf of Naples every spring, delighting people with her lovely songs. One year, the people of Naples fell so in love with her songs that they decided to offer her the most precious products of their land. Seven of the most beautiful girls of the area gave the beautiful siren flour, ricotta cheese, eggs, wheat, orange blossom water and spices, including cinnamon and sugar. Partenope, thrilled with her gifts, decided to offer them to the Gods. To honour her beauty, the Gods mixed the ingredients together, creating a cake as delicious as the voice of the siren: la pastiera napoletana.

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