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Pastry with Cioccolato di Modica

CHF 9.90

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Weight: 200g

Famous worldwide, Modican chocolate owes its uniqueness to a grainy, crumbly and rough, almost raw texture, which preserves all the features of cocoa. It has an intense flavour that brings out the charm and beauty of traditions and civilizations of times past.

In fact, the origins of Modican chocolate date back many centuries⎯when the Spaniards landed in the New World and started importing the first cocoa beans. In the sixteenth century, during their domination in Sicily, they introduced chocolate processing in the County of Modica. Thus, Modican chocolate continued to be produced according to tradition.

The cocoa beans are heated, ground and mixed with sugar and spices, such as cinnamon or vanilla. The compound obtained is maintained at a temperature (max. 40°) so as not to dissolve the sugar crystals, which remain intact so as to confer the characteristic grainy texture. This is then mixed with a refiner or a modern "metate”, which allows the chocolate to maintain the original characteristics of the cocoa.

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