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Genoese pesto sauce

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Weight: 85g

Roberto Panizza’s pesto is one of the most authentic flavours of the Ligurian tradition. The main ingredient is Genoese basil, an especially sweet variety of basil grown in the centre and west of Liguria. Not only the variety but also the age of the basil is crucial for Roberto: he chooses only young basil, no more than a few weeks old, with leaves the size of a fingernail, which guarantees the purest basil taste. Its aroma takes over the wind, the rocks, and water: typical elements of the Ligurian coast. Vessalico garlic, with its delicate aroma and an intense, slightly piquant flavour, pine nuts, Italian extra-virgin olive oil and a blend of 24-month old Parmigiano-Reggiano and Fiore Sardo, a pecorino cheese from Sardinia, are the high-quality ingredients that combine to create the intense and persistent aroma of this regional speciality.

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