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Sauce of Piedmontese blonde hen (Slow Food Presidium)

CHF 10.90

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Weight: 180g

The “Piedmontese blonde” is a traditional chicken breed with a golden-tan plumage, a tall black metallic tail, a yellow beak and a well-developed crest. In the past, many farmhouses around the area would raise flocks of up to 300 chickens. Industrial farming and intensive agriculture arrived in the 1960s and, as a result, this breed, suited only to outdoor rearing, was superseded. The Slow Food Presidium works to revive the breed and support the few farmers who still follow a strict protocol which stipulates a natural diet for the chickens and outdoor spaces where they can graze. Enjoy the Piedmontese blond hen sauce with tajarin, the most popular pasta from Piemonte, rich in eggs and characterized by a thin shape.

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